Middle School (Grades 6th, 7th & 8th)

Middle School can be challenging for children, parents and teachers. Students are changing dramatically both physically and emotionally. They are beginning to define their place in society. During this critical time, children need adults to guide and mentor them spiritually as they fine tune the moral compass that will carry them into adulthood. Our first priority is to join with parents to nurture each child’s Christian identity and their relationship with Christ.

Academically, we focus on preparation for the rigorous area high school programs, where a majority of our graduates place into accelerated courses and receive Honor Roll recognition. German is taught to all students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades. These students also study pre-algebra and algebra while continuing their studies in literature and the sciences. Middle School students also serve as “chapel buddies” to primary students and actively lead worship on a regular basis.

In Middle School, students gain opportunities to learn and explore away for home. Sixth grade attends Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Camp while 7th and 8th grades travel to Washington D.C..

Middle School Awards

President’s Award for Educational Excellence

The President’s Award for Educational Excellence, sponsored by the United States Department of Education, recognizes academic success in the classroom. This award is given to the students t in 8th grade who have earned a 3.5 – 4.0 average accumulated through midterm of the fourth quarter.  These students must also have high achievement in standardized testing.

Qualifications:  Students must have a 3.5-4.0 cumulative grade average.  They must also have a 85% or higher on the MAP test scores in reading, language arts or mathematics. 

Our graduates achieve at a higher level in high school than many of their peers. Their years at St. Andrews equips them with Christian values, foundational knowledge, critical thinking skills, self-discipline and personal confidence to thrive both as students and as leaders within the high school communities.