The St. Andrews Kindergarten program fosters academic, social, and spiritual growth. We are blessed to offer both half day and full day options consisting of engaging, innovative, and enriching activities. With Christ at the center, Kindergarten students participate in daily “Jesus Time”, listening to Bible stories, singing songs, learning prayers, and hearing about the gospel message.

Kindergarten uses a variety of teaching styles (i.e. small group, whole group, play) to accomplish our goal of developing each child in the classroom. Expanding on preschool aged concepts, our program advances on to teaching early reading and comprehension foundations using the Michael Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Program, Jolly Phonics Program, Literacy Centers (Reading/Writing), and differentiated learning. Students will develop their number sense in anticipation of simple operations and word problems, while also being introduced to simple geometry, patterning, sorting and measuring. The children engage in a variety of learning units that help them to understand the world around them (basic science and social studies concepts) Students will participate in “Leader In Me” providing students a chance to learn how to positively interact with peers, cope, and be a leader just how Jesus led us!