Elementary & Middle School Programs

Our Elementary and Middle School Programs benefit the whole student through small class sizes and whole school community building. The small class size allows our teachers to fully know their students individually and meet their learning needs immediately. Grades combine in music, choir, gym, lunch, and recess sessions allowing students to have a whole school community. The mixing of grades provides students with unique opportunities to role model, encourage each other, and create diverse friendships that transcend the grades.

Students encounter God Daily. The Christian faith is an important part of St. Andrews Curriculum at every grade level. Students in each classroom pray daily. Every Wednesday morning they participate in Chapel Service in which each class from first through eighth grade takes turns planning and leading service. This unique experience introduces students to public speaking and leadership skills.

Students also learn the value of service to others through our school linkage to church and ministries that serve Chicago’s neediest populations. Classes regularly heed the call of those in need by organizing food and clothing drives as well as reaching out to the elderly.

Elementary School (Grades 1st-5th)

The Primary Grades – 1st & 2nd

The primary teachers work collaboratively to work on the basic skills to further students in their education.  These skills include reading, writing, and math.  Our students enjoy learning about their community through our Social Studies curriculum.  Our STEAM science lab, where they work together to explore, problem solve, create, and learn new concepts, is always a favorite with students!

Our students also participate in PE classes, where they develop their skills, understand fitness and wellness. As well as work on team work skills..

The primary music program at St. Andrews offers music and choir classes.  This program allows our students an opportunity to praise God with their voices.  Our music curriculum teaches students beginning voice and music reading skills. The students reach out into the community by taking field trips to local retirement homes to sing for residents.

The friendships that are built and gained at this age level continue on as students have opportunities to interact with both older and younger students through school activities and service projects.

The Intermediate Grades – 3rd, 4th & 5th

These are the years in which students are encouraged to grow as independent thinkers. They receive science instruction in our fully-equipped lab facility where they learn through hands-on experiments, observations and analysis. Math during these years includes many new concepts, students are accelerated or reinforced depending upon their needs. Classroom teachers are able to identify academic weaknesses and work closely with the Resource Teacher to remediate any deficiencies. We continue to emphasize grammar and writing skills while literature studies include many classroom novels. Other highlights include: Student Council, Field Trips, Competitive Sports, Battle of the Books, Musical Instrument instruction & Band, Illinois History Program and study of Native Americans, Extensive Study Skill Preparation, Spanish Instruction, Opportunities to lead worship in Chapel, Daily Devotions, and involvement in service projects that impact the community.