Early Childhood Programs

Engaging our youngest learners to explore!

  • Accredited, Christ-Centered Early Childhood Education
  • Specials: Music, Art, Physical Education
  • iPad & Smart Board in Classroom Technology
  • STEM Science
  • Before & After School Childcare
  • Play-Based Philosophy
  • Excellent Student to Teacher Ratio
  • Weekly Chapel


Academic, social and spiritual growth through continued development and exploration of crucial school skills.

  • Early reading and comprehension foundations
  • Phonemic Awareness & Jolly Phonic Program
  • Literacy Centers
  • Science & Social Studies Concepts
  • Music, Choir, PE, Art
  • Weekly Chapel

The Kindergarten Program is available as either a half day or full day program, consisting of a full week, 5 days, of attendance.

Violin lessons are available to Kindergarten students during the school day at an additional charge.

Elementary: Primary & Intermediate

Inspiring students to develop a thirst for learning and the Lord!

  • Primary (1st-2nd)

    • Foundational Skills in reading, writing and math
    • Community focused Social Studies curriculum
    • STEAM Science lab
    • PE, Music, Choir
    • Field trips for learning and community involvement
    • Spanish
    • Weekly Chapel
  • Intermediate (3rd-5th)

    • Classroom novels and creative writing
    • Grammar and writing skills
    • Math introduces new concepts while strengthening core skills
    • Spanish
    • PE, Music, Choir
    • Field Trips, Battle of the Books, Band
    • Daily Devotions
    • Weekly Chapel

Middle School

Middle School focuses on preparation, both academic and spiritual through challenging course work and opportunities to be involved with their school community as well as stretch beyond the walls of our school.

  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and intro to Algebra II
  • Ancient Civilizations, World Geography, US History
    • Constitution Test in 8th Grade
  • Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science
    • Full Science Lab
    • Science Fair
    • Wax Scientist Museum
  • Creative Writing, Literature Genres, Grammar, Spelling
    • Research Papers
  • Art History, Digital Art, Advertising Unit, Textile Art
  • Weekly Chapel

Outside the classroom students can participate in Band, Choir, Student Council, Yearbook Club, Art Club, Book Club, Athletics and more!

Beyond our walls the Middle School students participate in Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Camp, German Markets, 8th Grade Trip, supporting our local community through food pantry collections and volunteer opportunities.