Students at St. Andrews love any chance they can get to participate in school activities across grade levels. For example, students recently dedicated the week of February 13th as Random Acts of Kindness week. Each day, a different color was to be worn and a different activity was done. Some of these acts were to be within their classroom, and others were to be done within the school. Students were even encouraged to take their kindness outside of the school walls! One act of kindness that students participated in was exchanging a Valentine with a classroom in a different grade level. One little act of kindness can really spread warm cheer all throughout the day.

Some examples of other collaborative activities students take part in are:

  • Battle of the Books, a game show style competition that helps students want to read more books
  • Holiday festivities, such as the Christmas Sing-a-Long and watching a Christmas movie in our school gymnasium 
  • Science Fair, in which students select a topic to research, experiment, and present their findings, hoping to win a prize 
  • Chapel presentations and Chapel Families, in which older students may help younger students read, sing, or present a skit. Chapel Families are groups that are mixed grade levels to praise the Word of God together
  • Reading Buddies, when 4th grade students and Kindergarten students come together to enjoy the love of reading and storytelling
  • Spring Musical, in which all students participate in some form to present a show to the neighboring communities
  • Cross-grade level PE classes, in which older students have the opportunity to teach younger students how to play certain sports and games

…and many, many more!

Regardless of the activity, students love the chance to present the gifts that God has given them in order to help better someone’s day.