Read Panther Praises from our families, past and present, on why the choose St. Andrews Lutheran School!

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Thankful ...

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Panther Praises

Amy & Bryan Walker

Two of our children have participated in the preschool program at St. Andrew’s.  We absolutely love St. Andrew’s Lutheran School and the community we have been welcomed into here.  All of the staff have treated us like family.  We will always treasure the impact that St. Andrew’s School has had on our boys’ educational, social and faith development.  The quality of education is outstanding.  In addition, we cherish the way that St. Andrew’s has incorporated our family’s annual charity into a school-wide service project each year.

We are so grateful to be part of this special community!

Panther Praises

Parent of a former Middle School Student

We are thankful each day for all the gifts being a part of the St. Andrews family has blessed us with. As a student since preschool, my daughter has been loved, nurtured and guided by caring staff past and present, given a path to follow Christ and given a top-notch education. As a parent I have found lifelong friends, and a place to continue my faith journey.

I also know that each day when I drop her at school she is in a safe and loving environment.

Panther Praises

The Lasch Family

My family has been part of St. Andrews for 17 years. It started when my oldest son, Zachary who is now a junior in college, started preschool at St. Andrews and we were met loving and caring teachers who taught the good news of the Lord. Each step along the way the teachers continued to be helpful and wanted the students to grow and learn both in mind and spirit. My younger son, Connor, started in pre school at St. Andrews as well and went all the way through 8th grade and is currently a junior in high school. This is our families last year with a student at St. Andrews as our daughter Grace is in 8th grade.

The education curriculum challenges the students and sets a strong foundation for high school and beyond. Many of the teachers have been St. Andrews for a long time and have numerous talents that they share with the students every day.

The religious aspect is also very strong at St. Andrews from the religious classes every day to Chapel service every Wednesday morning. The school also has an Advent service for all the grades at Christmas time in which the students sing beautiful songs as families enjoy the moment.

There are also many opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s school. There are things like the PTL, room parent, coaching a sport, or just helping out at one of the many activities the school has throughout the year. It is a great way to feel part of the school and to see your child take part in school activities.

St. Andrews is led by Principal Ms. Boggs and  Pastor Hoffman. Both have been at St. Andrews for numerous years and are dedicated to helping the students reach their potential in a safe, helpful, and Christian atmosphere. I am going to miss seeing Ms. Boggs and Pastor Hoffman in the mornings as they greet the kids with a smile and wishing them a blessed day!

I am blessed that St. Andrews has been such an huge part of my life!

Panther Reviews

Reflections on St. Andrews Lutheran School

I recently retired as a Chicago Public School Principal after teaching and administering for forty years in public education.   I began working for Concordia University in the fall of 2021 as an Adjunct Professor supervising student teacher candidates.  I had the opportunity to observe a student teacher in the Fall of 2021 who was placed at St. Andrews with a remarkable third grade teacher.  I was very impressed with administration, staff, and students at St Andrews!  Teachers are very caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated.  They hold students to high expectations for academics and as well as respectful human beings.  Parents, if you are looking for a Christian centered educational experience for your children with high academic expectations and social emotional support, St. Andrews certainly meets those criteria!


David Belanger

Adjunct Professor

Concordia University Chicago

Panther Praises

Parent of Middle School Students

Our children have been built up by the attentive and engaging faculty; always encouraging them to be their best selves! They have gained strength in their spiritual life through the daily Religion Class and weekly Chapel. The small school setting has given them the space to grow in confidence as they have the opportunities to lead Chapel, give announcements, participate in multiple sports and extracurricular clubs as well as interacting across all the grades gives them many opportunities to be a role model to their peers.

Panther Praises

The Murchie Family

We have been fortunate enough to be apart of the St. Andrews community since 2016 and during our years there we have grown more and more appreciative of the school community and the ways in which the staff has supported our family.

Our children (Grades 2 and 4) are challenged academically day in and day out. Their teachers provide differentiated lessons and assignments in order to meet our children where they are and to also encourage them to give an extra push.

We have seen tremendous growth in both our children.

Additionally, the staff at St. Andrews have provided an incredibly safe environment for our kids. They are loved, supported, and deeply cared for. And while academics are indeed important, the most valuable aspect of St. Andrews is that our children are prayed for – individually and intentionally. They are told every single day that God loves them – there is nothing more important than that.

We are so deeply grateful for St. Andrews and the impact the staff have had on our children and our entire family.

Panther Praises

Don & Sara DeVito

St. Andrews has provided our daughter with much more than a strong education.

It has helped her develop confidence, responsibility, and a strong Christian faith.

When you join St. Andrews you are joining a family.