Board of Christian Day School

The Board of Christian Day School (BCDS) is directly responsible for all school educational activities at St. Andrews. The BCDS is also responsible for all matters relating, directly or indirectly, to these activities:

  • Provide learning opportunities for all age levels of the day school: early childhood, primary, intermediate and middle school.
  • Approve selection of curricula, proper teaching of texts, and other educational materials so that objectives for the day school can be achieved. The curriculum shall be Christian, comprehensive, balanced, and functional.
  • Give attention to enrollment, attendance of pupils, and expansion of programs.
  • Coordinate the school budget and establish tuition/registration.
  • Secure and maintain the proper administration and teaching staff pursuant to the current needs of the day school.

The Board of Christian Day School is made up of nine congregational members (voting) and two non-congregational members (non-voting). The St. Andrews Principal, Pastor and Director of Christian Education all serve as advisory members of the BCDS.

***The BCDS meets the second Tuesday of every month in the Teachers Conference Room at 7:00 pm.  Meetings are open to both school families and church members (with the exception of confidential portions of our agenda).

The 2019/2020 BCDS Members are as follows:

Cori Tiberi – Board Chair

Dan Feltes – Vice President, Church Council

Pastor Matt Hoffmann

Principal Laura Boggs

Julie Hock

Diane Petersen

Jason Van Hemert

Angelica Tobias

Dave Butterfield

Gregory Cook