Letter from the Principal

Welcome to St. Andrews Lutheran School.

We have been bringing the JOY to St. Andrews since 1911. St. Andrews Lutheran School reverberates JOY! JOY in learning! JOY in teaching! JOY in playing! And most of all, JOY in JESUS!  

Our students love to learn through positive student engagement, a curriculum that aligns with core standards and challenges them to go above and beyond to make them lifelong learners.   We have differentiated learning, updated technology, caring classmates, and teachers who make each day a JOY in school.

As we seek to prepare our students, our teachers thrive on sharing their faith, love, and expertise with our students throughout the day to help them grow spiritually, personally, and academically. 

 Our parents choose St. Andrews because they seek a strong, caring Christian environment for their children where they are loved and cared for in all aspects of their lives. 

St. Andrews provides a culture of faith-based spiritual learning, excellence in academics, Christian Athletic Programs, and outstanding Fine Arts opportunities. Come visit! Come observe! Catch the JOY!!!! Come and be part of our St. Andrews Family!

Ms. Boggs


Mission Statement

St. Andrews Lutheran School nourishes the whole child in spiritual and academic growth by partnering with families to prepare the child for Christian living as an exemplary light in God’s world.
“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6
The Lutheran School System has been ranked the best in North America, and St Andrews joins in this tradition of excellence by preparing our students to excel in high school, college, and graduate studies. Stop by to learn about our exceptional test scores and the many success stories our graduates love to share!

News & Events

**Accredited by NLSA (National Lutheran School Accreditation) Like most accrediting processes, NLSA has established a set of rigorous national standards that demonstrate school quality. Accredited schools must establish that they conform to required standards by completing an exhaustive self-study process. Even after a school has been accredited, school leaders must organize and implement a school improvement plan that provides for ongoing improvement. NLSA Accreditation is unique because, in addition to standards that address educational quality, the school also evaluates its Christ-centered nature, based upon its defined purpose. The spiritual dimension of Lutheran schools is the defining element that sets them apart and makes them a great place to grow.

There is no greater tool that creates lasting change in our schools than NLSA!

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